Marie Blom was born in Norway in 1990. For as long as she can remember Marie was fascinated by painting and drawing the nature and people around her. When she first started working with oil paint in her early teenage years Marie became inspired by the works of Ander Zorn, William J. Waterhouse and Edward Munch. She soon decided to commit to the study of the Fine Arts. 


After graduating high school Marie spent a year in Oslo as the apprentice of the Norwegian painter Per Lundgren. Lundgren is an early student of the world renowned Odd Nerdrum and taught Marie about genre painting, preparing studio materials and gave her an introduction to the methods of figurative oil painting.

​With her new knowledge Marie applied the next year to the Florence Academy of Art ( FAA).  During her time at the FAA she successfully completed the drawing and painting program, and won a student scholarship prize.

After graduating she was offered a one-year position as an instructor at the academy.

The past few years Marie has exhibited her work in Norway, Sweden, The United States, England and Portugal. 

After traveling to Portugal in 2015 she fell in love with the country and now live and work between Norway and Portugal towards upcoming exhibitions and commissions.