Marie Blom was born in Norway in 1990.

Growing up on Jeløya in Moss, an island in the South- East of Norway known for its nature reserves and culture, inspiration was found on every winding path she frequently wandered through the woods and by the sea.

Her love and fascination for art and nature have followed her for as long as she can remember.

Paintings and drawings of nature, objects, and the people she knows have always been a way for her to appreciate and meditate on life as it unfolds around her.

When she first started working with oil paint in her early teenage years Marie became inspired by the works of Ander Zorn, William J. Waterhouse, and Edward Munch.

The influence of Munch was especially strong.

Because of the connection he had to Marie’s hometown, Moss, she had observed his work from an early age through gallery visits and lectures.

After graduating high school Marie decided to commit to the study of Fine Arts.  

Fresh out of high school she spent a year in Oslo as the apprentice of the Norwegian painter Per Lundgren. 

Lundgren is an early student of the world-renowned Odd Nerdrum and taught Marie about genre painting, preparing studio materials, and gave her an introduction to the methods of a figurative oil painting. 


With her new knowledge, Marie applied the next year to the Florence Academy of Art (FAA).

The FAA is a school that teaches oil painting in the classical-realist tradition rooted in the 19th century French Art Academies, but that also addresses the creative and professional position of the artist in a contemporary environment.

She studied at the Swedish branch of the school under the direction of Joakim Ericsson.

During her time at the FAA, she completed the drawing and painting program and won a student scholarship prize.

After graduating she was offered a one-year position as an instructor at the academy.

This opportunity made it clear that she loved teaching, something she has continued to do throughout her artistic career.

Her most recent project is the 

Oil Painting Journey.

A platform where she shares oil painting information and inspiration. She also teaches oil paint for beginners through online courses.

So far, Marie's work has been exhibited at shows in The States, England, Norway, Sweden, and Portugal.

Today she is living between Cascais Portugal, and Moss Norway where she is working on upcoming exhibitions, commissions, and teaching about oil painting at the Oil Painting Journey.

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