Artist Statement

''I always wanted to work with the figurative expression because of the immediate dialog created on various levels between the artist and the beholder. I believe figurative paintings tell stories and convey emotions in a direct and unfiltered way.

To paint is my way of forming closer ties to the world I am living in. It allows me to see and appreciate everything from the daily objects  and landscape I surround myself with to realtionships between people.  

In my work I want to render form and light with credibility and effect.

I always explore the visual impression in depth to gain the most from the experience of watching my work. I do this by focusing consciously on texture, atmosphere, values, colors and light effect. With these tools I wish to capture the true essence of my subjects.

In my paintings I communicate everything that I feel carries a mood or a message. The main subject I seek to convey in my work are images focusing on tranquility and beauty.

I want to create spaces that allows for people to go into reflection and recognition. I especially enjoy painting people in the moment of slipping into daydreaming because of the different characters that occurs in people the moment that they forget someone is watching. Here is where I find that the true recognition and beauty lies, in the place that captures the universal feelings and reflections that makes us human.''



- Marie Blom


© 2017 by Marie Blom.