Artist Statement

I believe paintings should spark emotions and associations in a way that makes you feel like someone has played on your heartstrings. 

My main passion is to create paintings that focus on the tranquility and beauty of nature. I love working with organic shapes, and I also enjoy playing with the complementary color combination of golden yellows and warm blues.

I find that these two colors together if used right, offer the perfect balance of harmony and tension.

When I paint I feel a closer connection to the world I am living in.

I've always enjoyed painting the ordinary and in doing so, enhance it to become extraordinary as this lets me appreciate and see the beauty of my daily surroundings. 

In my paintings, I want to communicate form and light with credibility and effect. To achieve this I work consciously with values, colors, light-effect, texture, and the drawing.

Through focusing on these elements, I aim to capture the true feeling and impression of what I'm painting and to communicate my love and appreciation of nature.

- Marie Blom


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