The Oil Painting Journey

The Oil Painting Journey Is a Platform That Offers Easy Access To the Theory and Practice of Oil Paint.

If you are someone who would like to know more about how to start your own Oil Painting Journey, maybe you want to be shown how to paint light and form, or you would like to know more about colors and how you can mix colors that will let you paint different materials and surfaces, then I invite you to be part of the Oil Painting Journey!

A platform where I share my knowledge and experience through the past 15 years about the materials, methods, theory and practice of oil Paint.


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What I Teach


The very first place we start when painting is with the materials, after all, no materials no painting.

What colors should we use, what types of brushes?

In all the courses, materials will be a centeral part.

I will explain which materials I use and why.

These simple and easy introductions to materials will help provide you with a solid understanding of why we use the materials we do and how to get the most out of their potential.

Method & Theory.

Every course will provide you with a review of the methods I use and the theory behind them.

I will walk you through different consepts that will help you understand how you can paint the impression of the form and light you see, as well as how to mix all the different colors I’m using for the course project.

Step by Step Guide.

The final lesson in each course will be a step by step guide where I walk you through my painting process from start to finish.

Here I will show and explain how I apply the paint, in which order I build up the different layers and also talk about oil paint in general as the painting unfolds.

Get Your Free Materials Guide!

To start your Oil Painting Journey, the very first things you’ll need are some good materials.

While I'm in the process of finalizing my very first course, I wanted to share this free, 20 page long guide with you where I share my favorite materials and some helpful information that will provide you with a solid foundation to begin your very own Oil Painting Journey.

I hope you enjoy it!

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