My first workday in the new studio!

January 10, 2015

 It sure feels good to be painting again! After a long break I'm back infront of the easle, this time stearing at my new favorite object, a porcelain antelope. I'd almost forgotten how time flies when you're having fun. Six hours later with nothing more than a cup of coffee for lunch I had to put down my brushes and force myself to call it a night. Starting tomorrow I'm bringing REAL food to engine this painting lady. I did actually bring a banana today, but the look of it at the bottom of my backpack all brown and sad made me rather wanna starve.


Tomorrow I think I'm gonna try and scrub thinn layers of color mixes on to my underpainting as supposed to just going crazy and slap on the paint like I usually do. Yes, I think that will be my mission in the weeks to come, practicing patience and order. :)




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