Last weekends portrait course in pictures

May 3, 2015


Last weekend I had the great pleasure of teaching a 15 hour portrait course in my hometown Moss in Norway.


I had wanted to teach courses for a little while and when I suddenly had the opportunity to borrow a bunch of easles, the workspace I needed and one of my good friends offered to be my model for a weekend I decided it was time to get started!





 It was an intens, inspiring and GOOD three days spent with four hardworking and fantastic students!


The first day I introduced the participants to underpainting. In regards to that I talked about why we give our canvas an imprtimatura, the different qualities of Raw Umbra and gave a little demo as I talked about what to focus on in an underpainting. (Proportions,lightshape/shadowshape, etc)




The rest of the first day the students worked on their underpaintings and I gave each a couple of critics.

Here I am talking to one of the participants, Liv. I love it when people want me to paint on their paintings, hehe! She was one out of two students at the course who had never before painted a portrait. They both did a solid job and I was very impressed.







The second day of the course I began by talking about the different pigments we were going to mix our flesh tones from. (Ivory black, raw umbra, terra rosa, golden ochre and titanium white.)We all sat down in a sircle together and mixed three valuestrings of color. One red, one yellow and one cold/noncolor. After we were done mixing I gave a short demo where i showed the participaints what to focus on when first laying in the color. The rest of the day went by superfast! (Thankfully we had plenty of coffee and coocies to keep the mind sharpend at all times)

At the end of day two all the students had managed to more or less cover their whole canvas with color. I must say, they were quite fearless! :)







Day three! Happy students ready to tackle todays challenges.


The last day we focuesd on bringing the portrait to a complete stage. Meaning that every part of the face should be more or less equally resolved.

in addition we mixed a couple of extra background colors and our models eyecolors. 







Some reflections in the paintings but here is the end result after three days! I had a great time and I definitely know I want to keep on arranging courses.

And hats off to attentive, hardworking and positive students!




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